BabyLegs, leg warmers for babies
BabyLegs, leg warmers for babies
BabyLegs, leg warmers for babies
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Here are some happy BabyLegs customers and how they wear their BabyLegs:

Thanks for sending the baby legs so quickly, my 11 month old daughter wore them for the first time today and I think they're great! I've been putting tights on under her jeans for extra warmth but she wriggles so much that it is quite hard work to get her dressed after each nappy change. it was so much easier to change her nappy today! Cate, June 2006

They are awesome!!! On Friday my 9mo old wore the pink baby legs with tights, shorts and a bodysuit and looked like she stepped out of the movie Fame!! I will be back for more :-) Sara, July 2006

Thank you for the 'BabyLegs' you sent out they look just gorgeous. The delivery was prompt and I appreciated the personal touch of attaching a note of thanks to me.. just lovely. Shelley, July 2006

I actually bought a pair for use in-flight when we go to Fiji for a week, leaving this Sunday. Our daughter is 20 months old and I can't face struggling with tights and a toddler in the tiny aircraft toilet! Sam, July 2007

I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with my colleague from the Fracture Clinic re your donation of 10 pairs of BabyLegs. She came and had a look at them and was delighted with the BabyLegs and your very kind gesture. She works assisting with the plastering of children and babies and feels that they were perfect for her area as babies can often get cold legs when they have plasters on and mums can feel rather overwhelmed with nappy changes (which will be much easier with BabyLegs) and having their babies in plaster which can now be covered in a trendy and fashionable way. So thank you for your very generous donation and your kind thoughts and gesture, as you can see it will certainly make a difference for our mums and bubs. Anonymous, August 2006

I purchased two pairs for my 6 month old only to have my 8 year old get very jealous. We went back online and ordered 2 pairs for her and 2 pairs as gifts for two new Mums - always looking for something different for new babies! We love the ease and the look of them. My 8 year old wears them as arm warmers (to convince her Dad she doesn't really need a jumper!) and we put the leggings over jump-suits on cold days for the baby.What a great find! Catherine, August 2006

I must say that I am thrilled with my purchase. I think they are a fantastic idea and they look absolutely gorgeous on my daughter. She has just started crawling and they are protecting her legs well on our wooden floor boards. I have already told lots of my other “mum” friends about them and will definitely be purchasing some more very soon. Kelly, September 2006

Great with shorts or a dress to keep knees warm and scuff free. Thanks for a fine product! Hal, September 2006

I just love the baby legs thank you. Especially gorgeous are the rainbow ones which have brought comments from passer bys. They work well with nappy free training of my 6 month old. Totally recommend them. Thanks. Janice, September 2006

My daughter doesn't care that they are on her legs which is great (ie. she doesn't try and pull them off) and they are protecting her knees on the carpet and are a cute fashion accessory at the same time! Lynette, September 2006

BabyLegs, leg warmers for babies